2020 Community Meetings






All are welcome to join us at our monthly community meetings on the THIRD THURSDAY of every month!

Introduce yourself to the holistic community, find collaborators, friends, and referral partners when you make this connection with us!


2020 Speakers

October: Katia Rave - Why Fundamentals are Vitals to Your Business

Business Strategy Coach

Katia Rave is a business coach and tango dancer that speaks three languages- French, English, and Money. She helps service based businesses grow to six figures while living the life they love! 

She helps coaches and service-based businesses grow to six figures while living the life they love. She helps them create a money plan using strategies, fundamentals, and public speaking as a way to make money, be seen on virtual stages with signature talks that convert and generate leads, and high-ticket clients.

As a Speaker, Author, podcast host, she is thriving to help entrepreneurs Create 6 figure businesses. With Katia as a business coach, your company becomes her business. 

November:              Daniela Spear

Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer: Specializing in Lupus Safety

Healing in Motion is both her passion and her career. Daniela lives Healing in Motion every single day. And the best part is that she gets to help other women do the same. She has found that no matter who you are, we are all fighting some sort of battle. Whatever that may be for you, Healing in Motion was created to help you live the way you were created to live; to help you thrive within your circumstances.

December: Liz Kahn - Simple Steps to Being Happy in 2021 

Behavioral Scientist and Mental Health Magician

Unique Behavioral Wellness Services (UBeWell) has been sharing the keys to unlocking the healthiest, happiest, and certainly BEST versions of ourselves for nearly 10 years.  Having precision tools is only part of the process, knowing HOW and WHEN to use them is where the real magic starts.

In this special workshop style presentation, make sure you have PAPER and your favorite PEN because you're going to want to write these things down!  Play with me at the workshop and you will have personalized tools to make 2021 feel like it is full of opportunities!

Past Speakers Recordings

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