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Our members come together in so many unique ways in order to provide the community at large with a better understanding of who we are, what we do, and why we are so insistent about healing in functional and practical ways.

We are not a "sub-community" within the greater Triangle area, we an integral part of the community as a whole, and our mission is to spread information, inspire transformation, participate in healing and support one another in being able to continue to grow and thrive as healers in our practices and in our businesses.

Providing opportunities for practitioners to connect to the people who need them most, we offer a full-scale searchable directory, community wide events page, socials, networking, workshop space, fun opportunities to show yourself in action, spotlights at meetings, presentation opportunities at events which will benefit patient-centered groups like the Crohn's Colitis Foundation, and so much more.

Review the benefits of the different levels of membership below and fill out your application today.  We want to be connected with you in whatever way fits your business needs best!

​(see below the exceptions to membership to ensure this is the right place for you!)



FREE Membership

  • Basic Directory Listing  (name, logo, business name, website, phone number)

  • Monthly Online Community Meeting

  • Public Social Events 

Fill out the application to be listed in the directory and be aware of all the events!

Marathon Participants


$200 Annually

  • Everything from the Basic, PLUS:

  • Directory Listing upgraded with a second image, social media links, interview link, and the other perks from being a THC paying member

  • Present about you and your business at meetings

  • Private Social Events

  • Online interviews

  • Collaborations with Patient Oriented advocacy groups

  • Listed in community circulars and online as a resource

  • Post events on central events page

  • Be an event sponsor for a nominal fee

Holding Hands


$350 Annually

  • All of the above, PLUS:

  • Present at co-created events with patient advocacy groups

  • Participate in client resource team meetings 

  • Participate in business development focused meetings

  • Up to 4 hours of Workshop space

  • YouTube: Cooks Corner (to be linked in directory)

  • YouTube: Interviews (to be linked in directory)

  • Articles in circulars (coming soon!)

  • Community online articles 

  • Be an event sponsor for a nominal fee



$500 Annually

  • All of the above, PLUS:

  • Be an event sponsor for every co-created event 

    • Branded​

    • Opportunity to speak to the audience

There are some exceptions to membership at this time.  Please continue reading to ensure that this is the right place for you.


we are NOT accepting:

  • MLM / Direct sales ONLY Businesses (if your practice uses a particular brand of product as a tool, that is different than the described MLM Only designation).

  • Application that have unfavorable References.

  • If business practice and vision is not aligned with the vision of the THC.

  • Founders reserve the right to make modifications to active membership status when necessary - prorated monies minus an administrative fee will be refunded

Frequently asked questions

What is the status of the Triangle Holistic Connection entity?

Triangle Holistic Connection is officially a LLC entity registered with the NC Secretary of State, with it's own EIN number and PayPal account. Ludy de Menten and Liz Kahn are both co-founder, organizer and member of this LLC.

How the membership dues will be used for?

Your membership dues will be used to cover the administrative cost of creating and maintaining the LLC, for materials, leaflets, cards, for marketing your business and your events, in the organization of events, to retribute the co-founder for their time creating this awesome community!

How to connect to the monthly community online meeting?

The Monthly online meetings will occur every third Thursday of the month from 12:00-1:00pm. They are free to access to all from the community. We are using software to hold the online meeting. Before joining, please insure you uploaded the software or any of its updates: 1. Go on 2. Install the software if not yet done (you have to do this only once, the very first time) 3. sign in with the account you created 4. Select the menu Online meeting -> Join a meeting 5. enter triangleholisticconnection as the meeting ID 6. Allow your webcam to run 7. tada you are with us, welcome! (I hope so...) Dial-in number (US): (425) 436-6390
Access code: 620322#
International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: triangleholisticconnection
Join the online meeting:

How Many Meetings Each Month?

The goal is to have weekly meetings, and each week will serve a different need for us as practitioners and business owners. *the ONLINE community meeting (accessible for all the community of Holistic Practitioners) will be the third Thursday of the month, during the lunch hour (12:00-1:00pm). These meetings will consist of discussions of upcoming events, short intro of the meeting's participants, one or two spotlight business presentation(s) (10 minutes each), and general community information updates, as well as what feels important to share that month in terms of community awareness. *The following weeks will be rolled out as we continue to develop what our community needs, but will include business development/networking, socials, events, client resource meetings, and more! Some of those meetings will be exclusive to the Collaborate/Resource and Sponsor members. Others will be open to all members.

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