Behavioral Science and Anxiety - by Liz Kahn, Ma, MBC

Updated: May 30

How behavioral science is giving people THE way out of emotional pains like anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, indecision and hopelessness.

What IS Behavioral Science

Behavioral science is an offshoot of traditional psychological study. Until very recently, perhaps the early 2010s, behavioral sciences were mocked by the world of psychology, with many professionals seeing a clear line between emotional pain and anything measurable. The idea that there could be some common threads to emotional strife, considering the vast differences, in individual human experiences seemed absurd. Old theories being practiced in clinical settings were "working", they said, "people feel better when they get things off of their chests", they said.

Many clients claimed that, yes, they felt better when they were able to speak the words aloud, but that once they returned to their homes, the feelings returned. Sometimes, those feelings returned with unbearable intensity.

A New World for Feeling Better

Every culture has some sort of salve for emotional struggles. Using tools like meditation, refocusing, and movement have been critical to emotional regulation for centuries. In line with the progressive movements to be able to prove efficacy (that things are working), we now have ways to track how attitudes shift as a result of consistent use of some of the oldest salves known to man -- and we carry these tools with us every single day.

Working with a behavioral scientist is like having the aid of a Sherpa when climbing Mount Everest. Nothing that you will learn will be new to you, simply the "how" of applying these tools in your life so that you can experience the attitude shift from the deepest part of you. You will see the data points, as well as feel the relief of eliminating the ONE common thread that ALL humans experience, whether or not they have had similar experiences in life.

Want to know what that ONE common thread is? Don't hesitate to make this call. Feeling the freedom of healthy emotional engagement can be yours within the week! I guarantee it. 919-756-4548

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