Why You SHOULDN'T Work With UBeWell - by Liz Kahn

Updated: May 30

You should NOT work with UBeWell if:

1) You really want therapy:

UBeWellS programs are NOT therapy. These programs are designed for a complete, positive, empowered change. We do not use terms such as "manage", "modify", or "cope" in our programs because we have learned that we no longer need to manage, modify or cope with things in our lives that do not work if we can get ahead of them and reduce or completely eliminate the need for managing, modifying or coping through life.

2) You are comfortable in your pain:

If you don't know HOW to take control of the elements in your life that are making you feel rotten, you may often feel like you are in the back seat of your life with some maniac driving you around. All the self help books in the world are useless if you do not know how to apply them to your life. Claiming to want to feel better is not the same as taking action towards that end. If you are looking for actual results, rather than someone to validate your misery, this is the right place. If you are comfortable in your pain, if you feel somehow attached to it, if you are afraid of what life might look like when you have a stable emotional life, this is NOT for you.

3) You want someone else to fix your life:

This system does not tell you what to do, it guides you through the process of how to take control over your emotional state and behavior. Until now you've been programmed to attack the body to try to change your mind. You were made to believe that someone else will guide you through the gauntlet while you passively sit back and talk. This may be the most significant issue you need to overcome in order to take control over your emotional turmoil. Permanent positive change can only occur if you are willing to find out HOW the process works and then consistently use that information to take control.

You SHOULD work with UBeWell if you are ready to take your life back from your emotions, learn to recognize the wisdom in the feelings that erupt in you, and you're tired of TALKING about it all.

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